All are from Japan according to KOF 2002 UM since in the home screen they place Kyo-1 and 2 as Japanese characters, while Kusanagi is one of the mirrors of Chizuru Kagura.

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This equipment has no argument, since it was a rearrangement of the main clones that appeared in KOF '99 (Kyo-1 and 2) and KOF 2002 (Kusanagi). Note that Kusanagi was already a playable character unlike KOF 2002 that remained as hidden. Unlike the canonical passage KUSANAGI continues with Chizuru, Kyo-1 and Kyo-2 are dead by the global neutralization of clones in KOF '99 and of the rivalry with K'9999 and never again it was spoken, nise repeated with its alter-ego Nameless.

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This team together with the Pretty Girls Team, Master Team and Jhun Team are the only ones that have no history. However the 3 have 2 things in common: Kyo Kusanagi and his hatred towards him. This version of Kusanagi is said to be not from the Yata mirror, but a clone, as the other two already mentioned much more powerful than these. Although the KUSANAGI HSDM is the same as the Kyo-2 SDM this first lowers more life (the difference is little.)

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Antimony ~ Mutually Exclusive Dichotomy ~ - The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match Shizuka in Mitsu Yori Akai Mitsu - The King of Fighters Memorial Lv2.

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