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Element is an original character appearing in The King of Fighters Memorial Series. He is the main antagonists in the series that appeared in KoF Memorial Lv2 He appears to be one of the along with Puppet Yukino as one of the final bosses.

His sprites are edited from Iori Yagami's sprites in The King of Fighters XI. His voice clips are slightly edited from Goodman's (Neo Geo Battle Coliseum), K', and Rikard (original Mugen character), which was done by Jouji Nakata and Yuuki Matsuda.


Element is true antagonist of the The King of Fighters Memorial series as a whole. He is Gustab Munchausen's ultimate creation, more powerful than all of his forces, his main assets, his right-hand man and even Gustab himself. The purpose of Element is to be the perfect, most powerful and ultimate fighter the world has ever known. He would have many powers from multiple fighters of KOF's cast, including Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami and other.

Element was an early project who soon had a body several years later. Scientists constantly worked on Element and he was put in Gustab's primary section of his creations, which were the strongest among them all.

It is unknown how Element is created, but it is claimed he is an artificially made being and that Element has been a gradual project and has been in his containment tube for years awaiting battle.


First Tournament[]

After Kyo-10 and Iori-9 are defeated by Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, the battle proceeds first with Psyqhical but the duo managed to defeat him after that Gustab shows up, fighting the two in an intense battle. although Gustab loses in fight and his right-hand man, Psyqhical appeared after he was defeated. They taunt them and tell them their ultimate creation is coming soon, before they teleport away.

Gustab is revealed to have gathered the immense amount of the powers and skills data of the fighters around the world Kyo-10 and Iori-9 fought, including Kyo and Iori themselves. Gustab orders his scientists to infuse the DNA into Element's own body which would allow element to hold the powers and skills of the said fighter. It was a success, as Element's capabilities received a massive upgrade.

Second Tournament[]

Before the second tournament is organized, the scene changes to Element's containment tube cracking with Element waking up slowly. He then breaks out of it entirely as the liquid spreads everywhere on the floor, where Element stands, hands in his pockets. As he also mention that he was waiting for a long time for his unknown intention.

As shown in KoF memorial Lv2, Before the second tournament of The King of Fighters Memorial Lv2 series is organized, the scene takes to Gustab as Psyqhical came to reports that Element has been prematurely released from his containment tube. As Gustab, who takes it calmly-- got surprised when Element explosively appears in their very room.

Element sees his creator and begins to inform to Gustab that he will not submit to his orders despite being created by him. He refers to himself as "his own master," as well as expressing his desire to kill Gustab. Psyqhical knows this is a very serious issue and immediately takes the liberty to take down Element before he touches Gustab. However, as he flashes towards Element, Element flashes as well with his arms in a slashing position. Psyqhical is behind him while Element stands back up and puts his hands in his pockets.

As Element is silent, Psyqhical falls down on his knees and his body splits in two before dissipating away-taking Psyqhical life away in one strike. Gustab is pleased by the great power his ultimate creation has demonstrated, as Element confronts Gustab. Gustab attempts to strike Element down with his "Revelation of Threads" HSDM, but Element seems to avoid every single one of the strings effortlessly, much to the surprise of Gustab. Element, unfazed by the attack, proceeds to impale Gustab through the torso using his hand (as well as emitting a slight beam of energy that seems to pierced through him). Gustab collapses and dies afterwards, expressing shock in his final words at this turn of events.

Shortly afterwards, Element begins to sense the presence of the approaching fighters for the next King of Fighters Memorial Tournament. He notes to himself that he should quickly organize the tournament and kill Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami once they reach there, knowing they want to find out what's going on. Element immediately brainwashes Gustab's two main assets, Kyo-10 and Iori-9 to follow his orders. He also states that he need Yukino for his unknown plan.

At some point during the Tournament, Element managed to find Yukino Ozawa. By utilizing his powers, he was seemingly able to create an illusion around her, making her think that she was floating within a dark void that her rival, Sula, was berating her with harsh comments about her combat abilities as well as her past and current actions. After making her angry enough, Element was seemingly able to control Yukino's mind and forced her to turn into a more powerful, hidden form which was suppressed in her. Afterwards, the two would wait within the ruins of Gustab's estate for the winners of the Tournament to approach and challenge them.

As Team Japan wins the tournament, Kyo and Iori disband once more and encounter their clones. They defeat them but got encountered by Puppet Yukino, somehow defeating her. Afterwards Element appears, confusing the duo that who is this new threat. They speak with each other that Element is now pursuing his own plans for his own gain, but Element knows Kyo and Iori will be the two fighters that will stand in his way, and because of that--he must eliminate them.

Kyo and Iori promptly fight Element, in which Element easily trashes them in the first part of the fight. Kyo and Iori express shock at how strong Element is, but express more shock at the powers and skills they all recognize he can use, including their own fighting styles and flames. Element continues to utterly trounce Kyo and Iori, up until the two heroes start putting in more of their power which gradually overpowers Element. The two receive a tough and deadly beating, but they eventually corner Element and combined their strongest attacks to defeat Element simultaneously.

Element is defeated and visibly bruised, entertained by the fight but he says they "could at least do more than that". He stands right back up, seemingly still able to fight to the very exhausted Kyo and Iori. Iori is furious, as he attempts to charge at Element and finish him, but Element slams his shoulder into Iori's body, causing him to fly past Kyo and slam into the wall hard, knocking him out unconscious. Element then suddenly flashes to Kyo at insane speeds, grabbing him by the neck. Kyo tries to get off, but to no avail. Just about as Element is about to kill Kyo, Yukino caught Element from back as a large pillar of pyro-energy start to emit from ground. Element, now shocked by how his plan foiled before everything inside of the pillar breaks into particles.

Element's fate remains unknown.


Element looks similar to Iori. Element's skin is very pale, and his hair is a complete white. His hair is similar to Iori's, albeit slightly longer.

A shadow is always cast over Element's forehead, in which his glowing, red and menacing eyes glare through the shadow. His body is a slim and athletic build, while wearing a black outfit that is similar to Iori's classic outfit.


Element is a very evil and sinister being. He is willing to backstab and betray his allies in order to pursue his plans, as Element had no true allies. Element is also willing to kill anyone he finds are problems to his currently unknown plans, even if it means killing others to get to them.

Element is also a clever and intelligent being, strategically organizing the tournament and making everyone think Gustab was behind the actions again due to the re-appearance of Kyo-10 and Iori-9. Element takes pride in his powers, and is interested to who his opponents are. Element knows he is extremely strong and the most powerful creation Gustab has ever created, although he does underestimate his opponents. Element usually spares his opponents that he is capable of killing, although he will kill his opponent if they are an important foil to his plans.  

Powers and Abilities[]

As his name suggests, Element has control over different elemental powers and is able to utilize a wide-variety of them in the second game. He displayed followings:

  • Custom Fighting Style - Element's fighting style is a brutal, strategic and sadistic fighting style. It is heavily modified from Iori's Yasakani fighting style and a few others he knows because of his immense battle data.
  • Multiple Fighting Styles - Because of his immense battle data, Element knows all the fighting styles that his data possesses. Including Kyo, Iori, Goro, Kula, K, Goenitz and others.
  • Elemental Manipulation - Because of the immense battle data infused in his body, he has power over many elements. These include:
  • Kusanagi Pyrokinesis - Because of Kyo Kusanagi's battle data, he has full control and mastery over the sacred Kusanagi flame.
  • Orochi Pyrokinesis - Because of Iori Yagami's battle data, he has full control and mastery over orochi flames.
  • Brief Yasakani Pyrokinesis - His purple flames may rarely alter to the original crimson Yasakani flames because of their presence pre-blood pact. Element maybe cannot do this intentionally.
  • Aerokinesis - Because of Goenitz's battle data, he has full control over and mastery over air and wind.

o    Electrokinesis - Because of Benimaru's battle data, he has full control and mastery over electricity or lightning.

  • Geokinesis - Because of Goro Daimon's battle data, he has some control over earth such as, he can release/use earth and earthen materials to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc.
  • Cryokinesis - Because of Kula's battle data, he has full control and mastery over ice.
  • Photokinesis - Because of Original Zero's battle data, he has full control and mastery over light.

o    Umbrakinesis - Because of Clone Zero's battle data, he has full control and mastery over darkness and shadow.

  • Ergokinesis - Element has full control and mastery over elemental and different kinds energy. But his own energy seems to be grey colored, seen when he throws a strange orb of grey energy that sends the opponent flying into the wall.
    • Elemental Teleportation - Element can teleport via elements.
    • Razor Hand - Element's hands are applied with so much force that he can use them to stab, slash or use it as weapons.


Element Stance